Whatsapp Is Bringing Vacation Mode, Find Out What's Special In This Awesome Feature.

Facebook- owned messaging app Whatsapp may soon launch Vacation Mode for Android users. The latest Android beta update is getting information about the new features of Whatsapp. WhatsApp has once again started working on these features, the testing of which was abandoned by Whatsapp in the meantime.

Whatsapp users will benefit

Whatsapp's new Vacation Mode will provide the option to mute the archive chat. In fact, at the present time, when a new message arrives in the archive chat, a notification popup is received. Which can be muted after Vacation Mode arrives. This means that notifications will not pop up when a new message arrives in the archive chat.

A new dedication section will be found for Vacation Mode

Google Play Beta Grogram from Whatsapp has released a new update. Whatsapp v2.20.199.8 Beta for Android has been released. According to a report, a new dedicated section will be provided for Vacation Mode which will give the option to select different parameters. With the new feature going live, the archive chat will reach the top of your chat list, tapping on which will open a separate dedicated section. This new button will be called a notification.

The new notification will have two options

This notification will have two new options Notify New Messages and Auto-hide inactive chat. From here users will be able to mute the chat when a new message arrives. If the user selects the Disable option of Notify New Message, even when a new message arrives in the archive chat, it will reach the archive directly. Also, when Auto-hide inactive chats are selected, an extension of Vacation Mode will appear and if you enable it, the 6 month old chat will automatically reach the archive.